Routine service dramatically reduces the risk of costly breakdowns. Statistics show that a preventive maintenance scheme is almost always more cost-effective than a corrective maintenance scheme, seen from a life-cycle perspective.

  • Annual inspection for improved performance and safety.
  • Maintenance performed by skilled and continuously trained personnel.

We would manage your bookings, ring to arrange dates that would be suitable etc.

Who Will Service Your Equipment?

Our highly trained engineers inspect and service your equipment. This means we can assure you that everyone working on your equipment not only meets our quality standards, but — more importantly — meets your level of expectations. Each Cargotec authorised service centre is audited on an annual basis and provided with full technical support and service training — all focused on giving you the best service in the business.

Thorough Examination

As the name implies, a Thorough Examination is a stricter form of examination than you get in a regular service. In fact, we look into almost every nut and bolt of your load handling equipment. After examination your equipment will meet and exceed any national or international legal requirement. At a first glance, it may seem as an unnecessary expense. But when you take a closer look at it, you’ll realise that an annual thorough examination will enhance the life expectancy of your equipment.

It is also a proactive way of increasing the reliability of your equipment. During our Thorough Examination, we will discover any potentially harmful flaw in your equipment, and correct it before it turns into a major problem.

What is a Thorough Examination?

A Thorough Examination contains hundreds of tests on your load handling equipment details and functions. The tests are divided into two main categories.

Visual Inspection

The visual inspection part of the Thorough Examination consists of an ocular examination of the main structures of the lifting equipment. On a loader crane, we inspect the hydraulic system, stabilizer legs, crane base, column, outer and inner boom, and all types of accessories such as hooks, jibs and winches. On a demountable, we inspect the hydraulic system, structural frames, hook arm, body locks, rollers, winch system, skip loader chains and rear stabilizers.

Functional Check

The functional check part of the examination consists of a proof load test with nominal load according to WI-EN-2.4. We check that your equipment has its full — and correct — range of motion. The control levers, or the remote control unit, is also checked. Last but not least we go through the intelligence system-meaning the over load protection and all other productivity or capacity boosting functions on your equipment. Of course this also includes function checking of stabilizer leg safety functions, as well as add-ons such as winch and jib installations.

Providing Yourself With Confidence

After a Thorough Examination, your equipment will meet all the current mandatory requirements as specified in LOLER and PUWER. The requirements in question apply to you if you are an employer or self-employed person providing lifting equipment for use at work, or you have control of the use of lifting equipment. So, what better way could there be to ensuring trouble free operations, more uptime and increased productivity — and at the same time fulfil regulatory requirements.

Who Will Examine Your Equipment?

Only Cargotec authorised service centres are allowed to conduct a Thorough Examination on your equipment. In fact only a service engineer certified for this special task is fit to carry out this examination. This ensures that we meet legal requirements and — none the less important — we also meet your level of expectations. Each authorised centre and service engineer is audited on an annual basis and provided with full technical support and service training — all focused on giving you the best service in the business.